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GRUHFIN.COM is the provision of formal financial system with digital access where everyone has access to save there time , and is able to compare range of Financial services offered by Nationalized/Private Banks and NBFC. Follow the simple steps and submit required set of documents directly to Selected/Multiple Banks and NBFC. Currently this(Direct submission) services available for HL,HLT & LAP. Will update same for other products (PL,BL,CC,PL & WC) soon

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Here is how the whole process functions. Beginning with the Clicking on the product you are looking for, Enter all details perfectly for finding your Eligibility in Normal Income Program. Select the Bank/NBFC listed, Click on apply and submit required document. Your Documents will be only get forwarded when compulsory (Must to have Documents) uploaded. Now you can submit same set of documents to Multiple Banks/NBFC to find best offer. Status of same will be displayed on your Dashboard. Also our team will be in touch with you to guide further offline process, once we get reply from Financer you have selected.


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Now you can submit your documents to Multiple Banks for Soft Cheque

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Once we get reply from Financer you have selected, Our Associate will call you for further Process

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Why GruhFin?

In principle eligibility from multiple banks/NBFC.
Executive to assist you at your doorstep or direct online application
Transparent loan process with customer & Lender
why gruhfin
Secured server for data security
Technology enabled system ensuring faster & secure processing
Expert consultants to coordinate with clients


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If you’re interested in making money online, then it’s time to start considering how to make side income. You're an experienced and successful business owner

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